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Healing Our Bodies with Leah Barack's Functional Nutrition

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As part of our community membership at Nomad Haven we are dedicated to lifting women up and improving various aspects of their lives through their businesses, spirituality, mindfulness, connectivity along with physical health!

Leah Barack is our Nutritionist in the membership, offering 1:1 coaching sessions to our members, included in their monthly or yearly membership. As the team at Nomad Haven, we felt it was important to bring on an expert like Leah to help our women focus on their health and receive support in areas that may be blocking them from living a fulfilling life in their business and personal life.

Even with how much we nourish our minds and souls we can’t leave out healing our bodies to help us feel amazing as well. Leah Barack is a digital nomad functional nutritionist that is dedicated to helping women feel comfortable in their bodies in ways of nutrition and lifestyle changes through her own business Grace Functional Nutrition!


As women we can struggle in many ways with our bodies and one of the biggest being the symptoms of PMS with our periods that can cause:

  • Irregular cycles

  • Low energy

  • Fatigue

  • Gut issues

  • Bloating

  • Weight gain

  • Cystic acne

  • Stress

  • Mood swings

Any of this sound familiar?

These symptoms can cause us to lose confidence and feel confused onto how to heal our own bodies. Most of the time these are from hormone imbalances that with the right diet and habits can be completely fixed!

With Leah’s coaching she has been able to transform women’s lives through understanding the root cause of their symptoms and learning the right nutritional practices to re balance their hormones and start to heal from the inside out.


Leah’s programs are unique in a way of using functional medicine to find a root cause of imbalances to make a personalized plan that is special only for your body and stays away from possible harmful restrictions. She has worked with countless women meeting them where they are in their health journey and creating a plan of striving for continual progress rather than overall perfection since healing of our bodies is not always linear.

Often times our process of healing can bring thoughts of fear and doubt, but in working with Leah she makes sure to be a guide and support within your own personal journeys to feel incredible within your bodies once more.


Leah was able to work with us and host her own live workshop for Nomad Haven where she spoke on how we can nourish ourselves with creating balanced meals that will keep us healthy and energized throughout the day.

She talks about what we can eat that will begin to balance our hormones and the types of food that will help in giving us more energy every day. She also shares various meal ideas for all breakfast, lunch, and dinner to aid anyone in getting started with a better diet. Her workshop also teaches on how we can make our menstrual cycles easier each month through nutritional habits. Along with tips on how she keeps herself healthy during the business of traveling as a digital nomad.


If you are ready to begin your own unique journey to heal your body and gain back your confidence once more book your own personalized call with Leah here!


Join us at Nomad Haven to learn more from many professional coaches on how to improve our lives and feel amazing as women, included in your membership!


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