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Join the Journey:
Empower Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs! 

Our vision is to help women entrepreneurs with our dynamic membership program that fosters collaboration, growth, and inspiration. With your generous contributions, we can build a supportive community where women can connect, learn, and flourish on their entrepreneurial journeys together.

Contribute to Nomad Haven
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A 10% from each contribution will be going to the Ananda Children's Home Orphanage in Bali, Indonesia, find out more about them below!

Where are your contributions going?

you can uplift women worldwide

Your contributions will directly help towards growing our online and in-person community, the supporting team, coaches onboard, upfront costs of projects, retreats and programs and help to provide consistent impact to women entrepreneurs on this planet that truly need what we're creating. 

About Nomad Haven

Why is Nomad Haven so vital?

in the nourishing support for 

 women entrepreneurs

Nomadic and soulful women entrepreneurs often face unique challenges and uncertainties, from finding reliable resources on the road to building a strong support system. By bringing together like-hearted women, we aim to bridge this gap and offer invaluable guidance, mentorship, and a sense of belonging.

The Children's Home We Support
Children Home Ananda Seva Dharma
Located in the north of Bali, where they take care of 35 children, ages 6-25 years old.

The foundation is caring and supporting the children for their daily needs and education. 

They teach the children how to meditate, do yoga together, cook for the others, clean after each other. They have their own produce garden with tomatoes, eggplant, basil and so much. They use it to cook and sell it to the local neighborhood market. They make their own yogurt and all the children in the home are vegetarian.

Dada, the founder of the home, has cultivated years of experience and is teaching his learnings to the children on how to lead their lives with love, a similar mission we embody as Nomad Haven, which is why this foundation is so dear to our hearts.


"Let us wander, let us weave, let us rise, for our ventures are not merely destinations, but profound expressions of our truest selves."

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The Founder of Nomad Haven

Create a life that feels like you

Meet Flaminia, the visionary founder of a vibrant community for nomadic and soulful women entrepreneurs. Flaminia exudes an aura of light, joy, adventure, wisdom, authenticity, and inspiring others to embrace their entrepreneurial dreams while nurturing their souls along the way.

Our Team at Nomad Haven

We are so grateful to have such an empowered team. We all come together towards our shared mission of fostering community and a womanhood.


Each of our team members have created a life that feels like them!


Flaminia Buda

Founder and CEO


Iina Salo

Workflow Strategist


Emily Harrell

Mindset & EFT tapping Coach

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Candice Young

Moon Intention Setting Host


Morgane Oleron

Newsletter Coordinator


Riana Van-Smith

Social Media Manager


Amanda Fahel

Medium & Intuitive Guide


Leticia Tan

Business Manager


Emrakel Lemma

Social Media Assistant

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Sara Anderson

Vision & Strategy Coach

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