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Our Roots


Hey, I'm Flaminia, the founder of Nomad Haven. I'm a global travel enthusiast, community leader, business advisor and social impact advocate. I felt the need and desire to be a part of a community that combined business and spirituality, but I wasn't able to come across any that existed in this way.

Being an entrepreneur and evolving on our spiritual journey, (while also learning how to grow and scale a business) is a unique combination of interests that unite us all. Nomad Haven is a safe space to unlearn past patterns and conditioning, remember our essence and become the women we are destined to be.

I am passionate about bringing intuitive women business owners together to feel nourished creatively, spiritually and collectively in a womanhood.

Our Team at Nomad Haven

We are so grateful to have such an empowered team. We all come together towards our shared mission of fostering community and a womanhood. Each of our team members have created a life that feels like them!


Flaminia Buda

Founder and CEO


Iina Salo

Workflow Strategist


Morgane Oleron

Newsletter Coordinator


Riana Van-Smith

Social Media Manager


Leticia Tan

Business Manager


Emrakel Lemma

Social Media Assistant

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