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Remote Worker? Digital Nomad? What's Going On In The Brave New World of Work

Trends in Remote Work

Blue Skies. Golden Beach. A colourful cocktail in hand.

For so many of us, the standard dream. As the holiday season winds down and it’s back to the grind, we are faced with the prospect of cold, wet and gray days ahead (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), and a feeling of “I wish there were more to life than this” creeps in.

We often see in the media stories of people who seem to have grabbed life by the horns and followed their passion of travel, adventure, curiosity and wonder about the world to become “digital nomads” and be location independent.

Their office can be anywhere in the world, using just a mobile phone and the internet. However, COVID quarantine also allowed many to gain a taste of work-from-home which they felt improved their overall job satisfaction and productivity. Yet many digital nomads were already following a self-employment route that felt more authentic to their interests and needs than the typical 9-5 office grind.

Given the rise in remote working, what are some of the current trends? Where does Nomad Haven fit in this dynamic scenario?

Synergies Between Company Remote Work And Digital Nomads

The pandemic upended the world of work, with salaried, remote work offered by companies gaining high traction, increasing by 44% in the last five years. 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote. Remote, high-paying jobs leaped from 4% pre-COVID to over 15% today (Forbes). Post-COVID, 80% of workers are expected to work from home at least three days per week. However, globally, 44% of companies don’t allow any remote work (Owl Labs).

In any case, it’s clear that remote and hybrid work is here to stay. The future of work has become more exciting. It’s also evident that self-employed digital nomads are a different animal than office remote workers who generally have a homebase and all the perks of a salaried job such as health insurance, paid holidays etc.

Still, the rise in office remote work can synergistically benefit digital nomads by increasing options for new software, office productivity tools, and co-working spaces. New ideas are emerging on the boundaries between work and personal life. Many countries are more open to the idea of remote workers and offering long-term work visas.

Nomad Haven's Beautiful Community At Work!

Purposeful Digital Work

The benefits are many: interacting with different cultures, setting your own schedule, avoiding toxic office politics, spending winter at the beach!

Many digital nomads, particularly women, have also decided to contribute their expertise and services in a way that fits in with their values, and step away from a hypercompetitive, male dominated work culture that can be draining spiritually, mentally and physically.

They choose to cooperate, not compete and build a strong womanhood wherever they may be located.

Community Support Through a Womanhood

At the same time, a digital nomad lifestyle can come with challenges. Moving around constantly can be tiring and lonely.

Business productivity can suffer if there is no one to bounce ideas off. Women may face gender stereotypes and barriers in different places.

Flaminia, the founder of Nomad Haven, has been working remotely since 2014, saw the need for a space where women digital nomads can be supported, and encourage each other in terms of building community, providing business development help and nurturing soulful selves.

She strongly believes it is possible to develop our spiritual selves and run successful enterprises that are infused with our values; these are not mutually exclusive. As a unique support system, Nomad Haven’s membership, launched in September 2022, has been growing significantly. As the growth in entrepreneurship continues, Nomad Haven occupies a unique position in providing purposeful, value driven entrepreneurship support for women.



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