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How To Show Thankfulness This Season

A great way to be thankful this season is by starting your day off with gratitude. Finding at least one thing you’re grateful for each morning will start your day on a positive note and help you to remain hopeful throughout the rest of the day. Eventually after forming this into a habit you can start to list three to five things daily and keep your own journal of gratitude to write in that will help you focus on all the good things in life.

Alter Your Mindset

Altering and uplevelling your self-talk can be highly beneficial as well, as often times we forget how powerful our thoughts really are.

First, you can start by giving space to your emotions that, societally speaking, are not as accepted, for example; sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy, and the list continues. When you give them space to breathe and to be felt, they stop raising their voices at you.

Altering how you negatively think about yourself, and and making room for the positive aspects of yourself, can be transformative.

  • You can create affirmations to say each time a negative thought comes up. This can also work for things in your day to day life to help you stop judging.

  • Try a challenge with yourself of acknowleding your judgement for 30 days and create positive affirmations instead and even if you slip up it will help you become much more aware of your thoughts and replace them with thankfulness.

Your Social Media Scrolling

Using social media wisely this season can help a lot in staying thankful as the internet contributes a lot to feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness during the holidays. While everyone faces these feelings and has their own personal struggles people tend to only post their happy moments online especially during a time with so much gathering and celebrations.

Remember when scrolling through your feed that everybody struggles with something, and following profiles that keep it "real" and "authentic" could uplift your spirits. It can be a good idea to take breaks from social media at times to recenter yourself and how you're feeling.

  • Unfollow people's profiles that you notice make you feel insecure

  • Follow inspirational profiles that uplift your spirits

  • Unsubscribe from newsletter that don't serve you anymore

  • Put time limits on your phone for how long you're on a social media app

Stressful Work to Enter Vacation Mode

The holiday season can also be some of the most stressful times for a lot of businesses and the stress can really take a toll on business owners.

If you are struggling in feeling thankful over the stress from work some great ways to still show gratitude you can:

  • Show appreciation for all your team members work

  • Taking time to express thankfulness for all of the hard work everyone has done this year

  • Set aside some time for small celebrations before the holidays to enjoy each other’s company; online or in-person.

What Makes You Happy?

Another important way to stay thankful this season is by paying attention to the little things in life that make you happy.

  • Catch up with an old friend or reaching out to a loved one

  • Take a walk in the park

  • Play with your pet in presence

  • Watch your favorite show or find a new fun one to watch!

  • Do mindful driving with your fresh cup of matcha/coffee/tea in the morning

Certain days may be harder than others to find things to be grateful for and it may take a lot of searching and effort but the more practice put in the more life will be put into perspective to remind us that any difficult time now will always get better.

We believe in doing all of this at Nomad Haven, our community of intuitive women business owners. Join us if you are an intuitive woman that is looking for a different way of doing business and desire to deepen your spiritual growth too.


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