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Your Sacred Community:

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    Welcome to Your Membership

    Every month:

    ⊹ 2 x 1:1 Coaching & Consulting sessions with any expert of your choice


    ⊹ 1 x 60 min Women's Circle with Flaminia Buda

    ⊹ 1 x 60 min Live Workshop with a feminine-embodied leader

    ⊹ 1 x 60 min Conversations Roundtable on a voted topic in the community 

    ⊹ 2 x 60 min New Moon & Full Moon Circles hosted by Candice Young

    Opportunity for you to host a 60 min session at Nomad Haven

    Online Slack community of intuitive women business owners

    ⊹ Access to online Member Portal with workshop replays, booklets, coaching call booking links and so much more!

    Partner discounts to events, coliving spaces, retreats & entrepreneur conferences

    First early bird tickets to our retreats as a member

    Giving back opportunities and activities (coming soon)


    Your Support System

    With your membership, you receive two sessions a month with any coach and consultant you desire. They are available for a 1-1 session for you to provide the necessary support you need to flourish in your life and entrepreneurial journey.

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    Sara Anderson

    Vision & Strategy Coach

    She can help you with

    • Living from your authenticity

    • Your power to communicate & articulate yourself 

    • Looking at your challenges as an invitation for deeper freedom

    Amanda Fahel.png

    Amanda Fahel

    Mediun & Intuitive Guide

    She can help you with

    • Reconnecting to passed loved ones

    • Restoring your energetic system and chakra channelling

    • Insights on your physical & mental wellbeing

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    Leah Barack


    She can help you with

    • Balance hormones & have PMS-free periods

    • Have a better relationship with your body

    • Improve gut and digestive health 

    • Learn how to sync your life with your menstrual cycle for optimal health and vitality

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    Fanny Galus

    Energy Alignment Consultant

    She can help you with

    • Energy testing for your most pressing questions in life

    • Accelerate the strategic decision-making process for you

    • Realigning your time, systems, team, & structures with your business frequency

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    Emily Harrell

    Mindset & EFT Tapping Coach

    She can help you with

    • Manifestation & quantum physics

    • EFT tapping & hypnotherapy

    • Regulate your nervous system 

    • Neuro-linguistic programming

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    Nicole Matthiesen

    Tarot & Ritual Guide

    She can help you with

    • Tarot Card Reading 

    • Gaining clarity on a pattern in your life to help you move through it with more ease

    • Getting to know AND trust your own inner wisdom

    • Peeling back layers of conditioning and to get more access to the truth of your soul's needs

    Our Member Portal & Virtual Community

    Knowledge Hub

    All Workshop Replays

    Fanny Galus
    Leah Barack
    Dr. Eleanor T. Khonje, Ph.D
    Maya Raichoora
    Emily Moon
    Kai Simmonds
    Alli Rizacos
    Jordiana Chevalier
    Sara Anderson
    Jillian Bright
    Chelsea Riffe
    Liz Spears

    Our Slack Community Chat

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    We can't wait to see you inside.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why did we call ourselves Nomad Haven?
      "Nomad," meaning that your intuitive business is online and you can take it anywhere with you. "Haven," meaning a safe space for you to express yourself and be loved just as you are.
    • Who can join Nomad Haven?
      Our membership is a safe, inclusive space open to all women that desire to connect deeper to themselves in the spiritual realm and channel their learnings into their business. Women that desire to feel supported by a consistent womanhood that want to hear their transformation updates, learnings and so much more.
    • Why do you have an application process?
      We want to make sure that the women that join our community match the energy that we are looking for. As shared in the book The Art of Gathering, "you have to close the door to create the room." We love to create a beautiful frequency in our community to ensure it feels like a haven for you and all the members. We desire to come across women that have created an intuitive business online, consider themselves to be self-aware and are desiring to be surrounded by a nourishing community of intuitive women.
    • Can I still join even though I don’t have a business?
      The community is solely for women who have already launched their business with a stage of 6 months or more. If you haven't launched your business yet and are looking for assistance, we are always reviewing applications for our Business Launch Program. Reach out to Flaminia at, and we will assist you with the next steps to help you launch your business and receive the support you need.
    • How many events do you host per month?
      We are currently hosting 3+ events per month, on Thursdays at 5pm Berlin time.
    • Is the community virtual or in person?
      The Nomad Haven community is virtual and in-person. All sessions are hosted on Zoom, as we want to build the community and curate our haven for our members around the world. We host in-person retreats, our first one was in Tuscany, Italy, September 2023. Every year we host a retreat to gather the members of Nomad Haven and aspiring members that want to feel our community.
    • Do you offer any discounts?
      Yes, we offer partnership discounts within the membership, or if you become a referral partner with us we offer you a commission per referral that joins through you! You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive further discounts on our live events.
    • Will you renew my membership automatically?
      Yes, your monthly or yearly subscription will be automatically renewed according to your billing period.
    • What is Nomad Haven's cancellation policy?
      You can cancel any time, by heading to your account and cancelling your subscription, we believe in flexibility of cancellation. Allow 72 working hours for us to process your request.
    • Can I request a refund?
      You are welcome to request your refund within 7 days of subscribing to any paid plan.
    • Where can I get additional information?
      Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us at if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!
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