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Wed, Jun 14



Live Work shop with Eleanor T. Khonje

Embrace authenticity, break gender barriers, and thrive as a woman leader and entrepreneur. Join the conversation at ETK Leadership Solutions for success.

Live Work shop with Eleanor T. Khonje
Live Work shop with Eleanor T. Khonje

Time & Location

Jun 14, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+2


About the event

Dr. Eleanor T. Khonje, Ph.D., a renowned professor, and sociologist specializing in gender, leadership, and empowerment, invites you to embark on an authentic leadership journey with us. Together, we will explore the profound impact of authenticity on your leadership and entrepreneurial path.  

During our session, she will delve into:

  • Embracing Your Authentic Self
  • Building Trust and Collaboration
  • Developing Resilience & Decision-Making Skills

About Dr. Eleanor T. Khonje, Ph.D.:  

Dr. Eleanor T. Khonje, Ph.D., brings her expertise as a professor, entrepreneur, leadership strategist, speaker, and coach to guide you through this transformative experience. As the Founder and CEO of ETK Leadership Solutions, she is committed to empowering leaders by providing innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges. Her company is built on building leaders who walk authentically in the totality of whom they were meant and dare to be.  

Discover an inspiring TED Talk by Dr. Eleanor Khonje, Ph.D.: 

In her feature titled "It's not just Africa, or Africans, that need help," Dr. Khonje shares powerful insights on global challenges and the need for collective action. Prepare to be enlightened and motivated by her compelling ideas. Don't miss out—watch Dr. Eleanor Khonje's TEDxLausanne talk now through this link:  

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