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September, 2024

Soulful Business Retreat

Nomad Haven co-hosted with AGAIA Coliving

An experience where spiritual nomadic women

entrepreneurs come to co-live and grow together.


Soulful Business Retreat 2023

Tuscany, Italy

Our last retreat was hosted in a beautiful private villa in Tuscany, Italy - think Under the Tuscan Sun but in community with soulful women business owners.


Becoming a member and receiving 15% member discount and receive exclusive early access.

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Memories from our 2023 Soulful Business Retreat

Finally, a way for soul-driven entrepreneurs to get together through business strategy, ceremony, sharing circles, hands-on activities, embodied movement, and so much more.

During our Soulful Business Retreat we created energetic space for you to slow down, release the burden of external expectations and bask in presence with nature, yourself and amazing soulful women business owners!

+ Ritual and ceremony by morning

+ Business strategy by day

+ Hands on activities for presence by evening

+ Play and presence by night

+ All-day organic vegetarian and vegan food

+ Alongside sacred connection with soulful women business owners

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Our Reflections from the 2023 Retreat

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How it felt to:

Connect deeper with yourself

Gift yourself the time and space to ground in nature, set intentionality towards your visions and bask in gratitude.

Create motion in your business

With our daily mastermind circles we will help you through the challenges and enlightenments you're currently navigating through in your business.

Feel nourished by magnetic connections

Meet your fellow members in person! A chance to hug tightlty, meditate together and create deep connections.

Image by Andreas Strandman

Our Magical Highlights

Morning Yoga sessions

Daily soulful masterminds

Ceramics evening activity

Pasta-making workshop

Town walking tour

Ecstatic dance in the evening

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Your Hosts:

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Flaminia Buda
Founder of Nomad Haven

Founder of Nomad Haven where we believe in leading from our divine feminine in leadership, supported by our divine masculine. We are here to change the conversation around business.  

With 8+ years as a nomad, Flaminia saw the true joy in creating supportive communities around the world. As nomads, business owners, and spiritual women, having a place we can call home can be so impactful to our life path and nourishment to our soul!

Anja von Emden
Founder of AGAIA Coliving

She is passionate about making an impact by bringing together the digital community and rural spaces with lots of opportunities. She has always thrived in a holistic, balanced lifestyle, whereas she loves both: the inspiration and dynamics of cities and the tranquillity she finds in nature.


She believes that what we need now are solutions to live in harmony with our planet and as a society – and this is what makes her project AGAIA a heart-project.

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