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Nomad Haven Membership

All of you is welcome here.

We are the embodiment of the masculine and feminine in business. 

Every Month:

Live Share & Connect

Meet women in business that are wanting to bask in a womanhood with you. We ask deep questions for you to get to know yourself and your fellow women better.

Intention Setting with the Moon

Connect with the moon and understand how to channel her energy into your business. Set your business goals with beautiful intention.

Live Workshops

Explore new knowledge, practices, and workshops with a new guest speaker each month. Take a peek at our past events here.

Member Portal

Stay updated with all our upcoming events, all-inclusive digital nomad guides, blueprints and templates for starting your business structure and foundation. 

Member's Newsletter

Access guest speaker slots on podcasts, discounts to conferences, events, coliving experiences and retreats. Updates on new and trendy business tools we're testing.

Access All Recordings

We've had guest speakers on Soulful Content Marketing, Launch a Podcast with Strategy & Soul and Email Marketing with Soulful Messaging.


Soul. Intuition. Business. Womanhood

As a community that spans across the globe, we are here to integrate our business and spiritual sides as a collective. 


To understand what it means to grow and scale your business in an aligned and intuitive way.

When you surround yourself amongst empowered women that are ready to listen and support you through it all, that's where the real juicy magic happens.

You can come as you are. We adore all of you.

Welcome to your Membership

$144 / monthly

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

⊹ 4 live sessions a month: weekly on Wednesdays @3PM CET!

⊹ Slack community of soulful women entrepreneurs


⊹ Monthly share & connect

⊹ Monthly live workshop

⊹ Monthly mastermind

⊹ Monthly intention setting

⊹ Access to recordings from all past events

⊹ Access to one-to-one mindset, life and human design coaching sessions per month

⊹ Member portal filled with resources, guides, blueprints for your business

⊹ Significant partner discounts to coliving retreats and conferences

⊹ Private members' newsletter

$1,440 / yearly

Receive 2 months free.

(Save $288).

Everything in the monthly plan +


⊹ Receive an in-depth one-to-one strategy session with Sara Anderson, our strategy consultant at Nomad Haven only for yearly members. You will discuss your vision and explore what you're currently navigating through in your business.

Our Nomad Haven Coaches

Book your free coaching session with our amazing coaches. They are available for a 1 on 1 session for whomever needs them in the membership. We want to make sure we're creating a safe haven for you and gifting you the necessary support you are in need of throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


Sara Anderson

Vision & Strategy Coach

Maartje Bakker

Life & Business Coach

Emily Harrell

Mindset & EFT Coach

She can help you with

  • Living from your authenticity

  • Your power to communicate & articulate yourself 

  • Looking at your challenges as an invitation for deeper freedom

She can help you with

  • Sharpening your business purpose

  • Discovering your why

  • Setting boundaries and saying ‘no’

  • Building the life you envision

She can help you with

  • Manifestation & quantum physics

  • EFT tapping & hypnotherapy

  • Regulate your nervous system 

  • Neuro-linguistic programming

Our Member Portal & Virtual Community

Your Member Portal

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 2.57.35 PM.png

Your Virtual Community Chat

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 2.59.05 PM.png

We can't wait to see you inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we call ourselves Nomad Haven?
    "Nomad," meaning that your intuitive business is online and you can take it anywhere with you. "Haven," meaning a safe space for you to express yourself and be loved just as you are.
  • Can I still join even though I don’t have a business?
    We are accepting applications if you are about to launch or are an established business. Nomad Haven is created for any woman who is interested in learning more about business and personal development.
  • How many events will you be doing a month?
    We are currently hosting 4+ events per month, on Wednesdays at 3pm CET and ad-hoc Fridays at 3pm CET.
  • Is the community virtual or in person?
    The Nomad Haven community is virtual and in-person. All sessions are hosted on Zoom, as we want to build the community and ignite our safe haven for our members around the world. Our in-person events and meetups are being developed and planned with our global expansion and we're always looking for city leaders to help us launch a new city on our world map.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes, we offer partnership discounts within the membership, or if you become a referral partner with us we offer you a 15% commission per referral that joins through you!
  • Will you renew my membership automatically?
    Yes, your monthly or yearly subscription will be automatically renewed according to your billing period.
  • Can I request a refund?
    You are welcome to request your refund within 14 days of subscribing to any paid plan.
  • Where can I get additional information?
    Subscribe to our newsletter or contact us at - we'd love to hear from you!
  • What is Nomad Haven's cancellation policy?
    You can cancel any time, we believe in flexibility of cancellation. Allow 72 working hours for us to process your request.
  • Why do you have an application process?
    We want to make sure that the women that join our community match the energy that we are looking for. As shared in the book The Art of Gathering, "you have to close the door to create the room." We love to protect the energy of our community to ensure it feels like a haven for you. We desire to come across women that have created an intuitive business online, consider themselves to be self-aware and are desiring to be surrounded by a nourishing community.
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